Easy Tips When You Need to “Sell My RV”

When you’re looking online for help because it’s time to “Sell My RV”, you need to ensure you find the right RV broker who has personal relationships with dealers nationwide. He or she can get you the best price for your motor home or RV and can close the deal quickly and easily.

While the right RV broker can ensure that your motor home sells quickly and easily, you need to do your part as well! The appearance and condition of your RV and your own cooperation will be necessary to get the highest price for your RV and to get it sold quickly.

Get Your RV in Good Condition:

Your RV or motor home should be not just clean but in good condition and good repair. Taking the time to make minor repairs to hoses and other parts under the hood can get your RV sold much more quickly. Failure to make these repairs can also cost you hundreds of dollars in the amount offered for your RV.

The same is true for the body and the interior of the RV. Invest in a good power washing outside and steam clean the carpets inside. Fix any minor dents and dings. You might also consider investing in new tires, propane and water tanks, and other small parts so that you get the highest value before you go online to “Sell My RV”.

Cooperate With the Broker:

An RV broker will need to find out everything about your RV or motor home, including the mileage, damage, condition of the tires, and even the VIN. While you may be hesitant to share all this information online, remember that these facts are important for a dealer to give you a proper offer for your unit.

It’s also good to be honest, since an RV or motor home will go through a final inspection before a dealer considers an offer. Don’t tell the broker that no one has ever smoked in the RV or that you don’t have pets if these statements aren’t true, and don’t give them an inaccurate number for mileage.

The more you cooperate with your broker upfront, the faster your deal can be made with a dealer. This means money in your hand! When you’re ready to “Sell My RV” be sure you consider these simple points so you get your RV sold quickly and easily, and for top dollar.