When Is It Time to “Sell My Motor Home”?

You may love your RV and may have very fond memories of spending time with family by the lake or on a nearby campground, but may also be wondering if it’s time to “sell my motor home”.  No one can tell you when it’s time to part with your RV or upgrade to a newer model, but there are some considerations to keep in mind.  These can tell you if it’s time to talk to an RV broker and put your motor home on the market.

The Kids Are Grown

Keeping an RV for family vacations is a great idea and can allow you to enjoy quick weekend getaways or summer vacations at a favorite campground.  However, if the kids are grown it might be time to consider calling an RV broker and putting your RV on the market.  You may find that you’re not getting as much use out of the RV as you once did now that your kids are teens or are out of the house.  As a matter of fact, this is when most families consider that it may be time to “sell my motor home”.

No Longer Able to Care for the RV

If you’re getting older or have suffered an illness, you may find that an RV, especially a larger model, is too much for you to handle.  A fifth wheel or large bus can be too much for an older couple to manage on their own or if you’ve suffered an illness, are developing arthritis or have other aches and pains, you may prefer something smaller that requires less upkeep.

This can also go hand-in-hand with the kids getting older.  When your children were at home they may have been able to help you keep up the maintenance of your motor home, but now that they’ve moved out you’ve lost that help!  If you’re no longer able to care for the RV, it’s time to call an RV broker.

It’s No Longer Being Used

Whether or not the kids are involved, you may find that you’re just not using your RV as you once did.  Maybe you don’t enjoy travel now that you’re older, or your schedule doesn’t allow it, or you prefer to use your money for other things.  Whatever, the reason, if you’re not using your RV regularly, it’s time to “sell my motor home”.  Using an experienced broker can make the process fast and easy for you.