How Campgrounds Are Changing for RV Users

How Campgrounds Are Changing for RV Users

Many RV users appreciate being able to find a campground that can accommodate their motor home or trailer, especially if it’s over-sized. Not everyone wants to vacation in a tent or small camper, but not every campground offers sites that will fit a larger Class A motor home or a towable trailer that’s larger than average.

The good news for many RV owners is that campgrounds today are making changes to accommodate more and more RV owners, so if you’re looking to sell an RV or are putting off buying the model you want because you assume it’s too large and cumbersome, you might want to reconsider. It’s good to sell an RV if it’s not something you use any longer or if it’s too much work to keep up, but if you’re looking to buy an RV and want some luxury, chances are you’ll find many campgrounds that will fit your needs.

Larger Pad Sites

One amenity that many campgrounds are offering today for RV owners is a selection of larger pad sites that will accommodate Class A motor homes and over-sized trailers. Pull-through sites are also becoming more common, so you don’t need to worry about backing your RV or trailer into a site and worrying about parking. These larger pad sites make it easier for those with converted buses and luxury trailers to still enjoy their favorite campsite without worrying about crowding their neighbors.

When calling a campground to make reservations, check on the pad site measurements and be sure you know the size of your towable trailer as well as your vehicle so you know your RV will fit comfortably.

Maintaining Your RV Onsite

Another way that campgrounds are changing for RV users is that they are offering more ways to maintain your RV while onsite. Some have installed larger wash stations so you can easily clean your RV inside and out even before you leave the site, and they may offer more areas for black water disposal or for propane refills.

Camping is a very affordable and fun way to vacation, and owning an RV allows a person to enjoy camping just about anywhere and at anytime. An RV owner can easily head off to a campsite at the last minute and spend a night or two enjoying nature, which is why RV sales are soaring in so many areas. Campgrounds are realizing the unique needs of RV owners and are responding to these needs, so don’t hesitate to consider buying a new RV or upgrading your existing unit if you’ve been considering an RV purchase.

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