Important Cautions When Selling an RV On Your Own

Important Cautions When Selling an RV On Your Own

Are you ready to sell an RV that you have? Many who are ready to put their RV on the market simply don’t use the unit any longer, or find that it’s just become too much work for them. Once children are grown and the family doesn’t vacation together, an RV may be more of a burden than a joy, and of course they can also be very costly to keep and insure.

It’s easy to think that you can simply place an ad on Craigslist and get rid of your RV within a few days, but consider some important cautions if you’re thinking of selling your RV on your own. The process can often be more difficult than many RV owners realize, so it’s good to understand these points up front.

Make Sure It’s Ready for Sale

With so many RVs for sale, it’s currently a buyer’s market, so you need to ensure that your unit is ready for sale. Don’t take anything for granted, including minor repairs and its overall appearance. Clean it thoroughly inside and out and make sure it has new belts, hoses, and other minor parts replaced.

Unfortunately too many owners neglect these small things when they are ready to sell an RV, and because of it, their unit is overlooked or passed over for one in better shape. Consider that every detail is important when you have an RV on the market.

Don’t Let Insurance Lapse

Because it’s a buyer’s market right now, you don’t want to assume that your RV will sell immediately no matter how nice it is and how many upgrades you’ve added over the years. This means you shouldn’t let the insurance lapse or take it out of storage just yet. Keep the RV protected in all aspects throughout the selling process as it may take weeks and even months longer than you think to actually sell your motor home or trailer.

It’s also good to consider strongly using your RV again once you put it on the market. A buyer will want to confirm the mileage, condition of the tires, body damage, and anything else you’ve advertised, and any discrepancies may make them shy away from making an offer. Not using the RV will ensure it stays in good shape while buyers look at it, and keeping it stored and insured will protect your interests overall. Remember these cautions if you have an RV you’re ready to put up for sale.

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