How to Take the Right Pictures When You’re Ready to Use an RV Broker

How to Take the Right Pictures When You’re Ready to Use an RV Broker

Consumers today buy anything and everything online, which has changed the rules of the game when it comes to selling. Retailers without a functional and easy-to-use website can find themselves losing customers, while others can quickly and easily expand their business with an online site.

For private sellers such as those who want to sell an RV or motor home, the internet is usually one of the best ways to do this. However, working with an RV broker and letting them handle ads and negotiating can save a person time and money, and make the process quicker.

The right pictures can help a broker better understand the condition of an RV and can help potential buyers become enticed to take a closer look. How you pose those photos will be very important when you’re ready to sell an RV or motor home.

Clean it Up!

Potential buyers want to think that they’re buying a brand new motor home or RV, so it’s vital that it be cleaned up entirely before you take pictures. It’s easy to think that you want your RV to look “homey” or comfortable, but in truth, you want it to look brand new.

Remove anything and everything from the unit before taking pictures, including items from the dashboard of mobile homes and bathroom or kitchen areas. Even a stray pair of sunglasses can remind potential buyers that they’re not getting a truly new unit but will be purchasing something used, so get everything out before you take pictures!

What to Snap

Shots of the interior and exterior are good so buyers can better understand the floor plan and layout, and can see the condition of the RV or motor home. It’s also good to get shots of the tires so they can see the tread, and even the engine of motor homes so potential buyers can note the wear and tear.

Some take pictures of warranties and other paperwork, but this isn’t usually needed. These things can be mentioned by an RV broker and the paperwork can be presented if necessary. Pictures of minor items like the windshield or dashboard are also typically not needed.

When you work with National RV Broker the professional handling your unit can also tell you if there are specific pictures needed in order to attract the best buyers and get the best price for your unit.

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