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1. What are your fees?
We do not charge any fees or commissions to owners, ever. This means no upfront fees and no consignment fees. We also do not take a percent of the purchase price. The purchasing dealer pays all our fees.

2. What guarantee can you give me that you’ll find a buyer for my RV?
We cannot guarantee that we will find a buyer for your RV but here at National RV Brokers we have long-term relationships with some of the best dealers in every state. We will work hard to find you a buyer no matter the condition of your RV and will keep you informed of our progress through every stage of our search and negotiation.

3. What RVs do you work with?
We are in contact with dealers all over the country who are looking for a wide range of RVs, including Towables, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, and Motor Homes including vans and busses. The only type of RVs we don’t work with are slide-in truck campers and pop-ups.

4. What if my RV is not in the best shape?
Obviously the better shape your RV is in, the higher the value, but don’t assume that we cannot find a buyer for an RV that’s been loved and used for years! Our brokers work with dealers all over the country who are accustomed to previously owned RVs in a variety of conditions.

5. How do I send pictures?
Once you’ve submitted some basic information about your RV using the Get a Value Now page, a broker will contact you and ask for pictures, if needed.

6. Are you an RV consignment company?
No, we do not purchase RVs in the hopes of reselling them or charge you storage fees while they sit on a lot, waiting for a sale. We are true RV brokers, negotiating directly with dealers in your area who are interested in an immediate cash purchase of your RV.

7. What if I don’t like the price I’m offered?
Here at National RV Brokers you do not sign a contract or agreement until you are ready to accept an offer, so you are under no obligation to sell your RV for any price offered. However, keep in mind that we work hard to negotiate with all the delaers in your area, taking into consideration the NADA value of your unit and its resale value, and will get you the best price possible.
Remember too that for every month you don’t sell your RV, you are losing hundreds in insurance costs and storage fees and your RV is also losing resale value. Feel free to express your concerns to the broker but consider that having cash in hand is better than keeping an unused RV that is actually costing you money in the long run.

8. Will you advertise my RV for sale?
We do not advertise RVs for sale but instead, directly contact dealers one-on-one in your area who are ready to offer you an outright cash purchase for your unit. This makes the process quicker and more cost-efficient.