Is the Rising Cost of Gas Forcing You to Sell an RV?

Is the Rising Cost of Gas Forcing You to Sell an RV?

Having an RV or trailer is one of the most inexpensive ways to enjoy a vacation every single year. The cost of campground rental is always much cheaper than the cost of a hotel room, and when you own a trailer or motor home you can feel more comfortable since it’s your own space. You can also pack certain items away in your unit and be ready for a vacation at a moment’s notice.

As enjoyable as they are, many owners today are feeling forced to sell a motor home or sell a trailer because of the rising cost of gas. This is especially true for larger Class A units, which are like small apartments on wheels! If you think it might be time to sell your unit because it’s simply too expensive to enjoy a road trip, consider a few tips.


First it might be good to calculate the cost of gas for any favorite road trips, factoring in the local price at the pumps, the mileage you get from your RV, and the distance you travel. Compare that to the cost of gas when you drive your car to the same destination. You then need to factor in the cost of campground rental and other expenses on your vacation versus those same costs if you don’t have an RV.


If you’re convinced that you need to sell your motor home or sell your trailer because of the cost of gas, it’s also good to think about getting a smaller or more affordable model. Instead of a Class A with all the luxuries, might you pare down to a Class B or Class C, which offers you some indoor comforts but with less size and weight when on the road?

You might also sell a Class A motor home and consider investing in a nice trailer you can tow behind you. Again, this can cost less in gas since they’re lighter in weight but they still offer a space indoors along with a kitchen and bathroom for maximum comfort.

Don’t give up on the idea of owning an RV just because gas is expensive. You may actually need to sell an RV because of the cost, but can also use the money you get from your current unit to buy another one that is better for you and your family. This will allow you to enjoy those family vacations while still saving money overall.

The 3 Must-Have Accessories Every RV Owner Needs for Their Kitchen!

The 3 Must-Have Accessories Every RV Owner Needs for Their Kitchen!

There may come a time when you’re ready to sell an RV or a trailer because it’s just too much upkeep for you and your family. The kids may be grown and the family doesn’t travel together anymore, or you may be retired and simply don’t have the energy to maintain your RV. However, for those who still love their unit but needs some ways of making it easier to use, consider 3 must-have accessories that every RV owner needs for their kitchen.

1. Cupboard bars.

These bars are spring-loaded like shower curtain rods, and go in front of your items in the cupboards. They keep everything in place while you’re traveling so you have less chance of items falling out of the shelves while on the road. Some RVs come with locks on the cabinets but not all, so these bars can be a very effective yet affordable investment for keeping the kitchen neat and for protecting your foodstuffs.

2. Refrigerator braces.

These devices work much like the cupboard bars, but are designed for the shelves in your refrigerator. They fit on either side of the items on the shelf and work to lock them in place, so they too won’t move around as you travel. You can invest in gallon-size juice or milk and keep everything secure in your fridge when you have several of these small braces on hand.

3. Collapsible countertop extensions.

If there is one thing that is often missing in any trailer or motor home, it’s counter space in the kitchen! A collapsible countertop extension can double your workspace without taking up room when not in use.

These extensions are typically sold with brackets and screws, and you would then screw one into the right spot in your RV or motor home. This might be at the side of the kitchen counter or inside a door. They’re easy to install and very durable and easy to use, so it might be good to invest in more than one if you’re a serious camper!

If you’ve decided that you need to sell an RV or sell a motor home because you don’t use it any longer, then it’s probably best that you go through with that decision, but for others, remember that there are many gadgets and products that make your trailer easier to use. Shop around for items like these to double your workspace and keep your kitchen organized so you love your RV as long as possible.

Quick and Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Forest River RV

Quick and Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Forest River RV

Forest River RV brands are some of the most well-known and best-selling models of trailers and motor homes in the world. They have a great customer base because they are built to last, and because Forest River offers a wide range of styles and sizes so they can suit every customer’s needs. While they are durable and rugged, of course they still need maintenance on a regular basis, so consider how to keep your Forest River trailer or motor home in tiptop shape.

The Roof

The roof of your Forest River RV is strong enough to support your weight and to maintain its durability if you wear rubber-soled shoes. Of course you want to be careful when on the roof of any RV or motor home and exercise proper caution when making repairs. Some Forest River RV and motor home owners have noticed bubbles on their roofs, but these are normal and not typically a quality issue. The glue used to secure the rubber to the plywood on the roof goes through what is called a curing process, and during this process gasses are sometimes released that cause air bubbles. These usually do not run the risk of breaking or of allowing leaks, although you can always have a certified Forest River RV dealer check out any bubbles on your roof if you’re still concerned.

To keep your rubber roof in good repair, you only need to wash it with a good RV cleaner once or twice per year. Avoid harsh detergents and household cleaners so that you don’t dry the rubber. Sealed areas do require periodic inspections in case the seals come loose or get leaks, so have those checked annually at your dealership.

Other Maintenance

If you notice that the windows start to sweat on your Forest River RV or motor home, you need to have this inspected at the dealership immediately. This is the first sign of condensation and this in turn can lead to mold buildup in the RV, and repairs that are not covered under your warranty. Good ventilation can help with condensation, and you also want to avoid excessive humidity inside. Avoid hanging clothes to dry inside your RV and purchase a dehumidifier if necessary.

Never install a hitch to the rear bumper of your Forest River RV products as they are not designed to accommodate this weight and pull. Always install a satellite dish to a jack on your RV; you can purchase one from the dealer and have it installed if your unit does not have one that comes standard. This will protect the exterior of your RV or motor home.

Remember these simple tips in order to maintain your Forest River RV or motor home and keep it in good working order for years to come.