Is the Rising Cost of Gas Forcing You to Sell an RV?

Is the Rising Cost of Gas Forcing You to Sell an RV?

Having an RV or trailer is one of the most inexpensive ways to enjoy a vacation every single year. The cost of campground rental is always much cheaper than the cost of a hotel room, and when you own a trailer or motor home you can feel more comfortable since it’s your own space. You can also pack certain items away in your unit and be ready for a vacation at a moment’s notice.

As enjoyable as they are, many owners today are feeling forced to sell a motor home or sell a trailer because of the rising cost of gas. This is especially true for larger Class A units, which are like small apartments on wheels! If you think it might be time to sell your unit because it’s simply too expensive to enjoy a road trip, consider a few tips.


First it might be good to calculate the cost of gas for any favorite road trips, factoring in the local price at the pumps, the mileage you get from your RV, and the distance you travel. Compare that to the cost of gas when you drive your car to the same destination. You then need to factor in the cost of campground rental and other expenses on your vacation versus those same costs if you don’t have an RV.


If you’re convinced that you need to sell your motor home or sell your trailer because of the cost of gas, it’s also good to think about getting a smaller or more affordable model. Instead of a Class A with all the luxuries, might you pare down to a Class B or Class C, which offers you some indoor comforts but with less size and weight when on the road?

You might also sell a Class A motor home and consider investing in a nice trailer you can tow behind you. Again, this can cost less in gas since they’re lighter in weight but they still offer a space indoors along with a kitchen and bathroom for maximum comfort.

Don’t give up on the idea of owning an RV just because gas is expensive. You may actually need to sell an RV because of the cost, but can also use the money you get from your current unit to buy another one that is better for you and your family. This will allow you to enjoy those family vacations while still saving money overall.

How to Find RV Brokers No Fee

If you have an RV for sale, you can try to sell it yourself, but it’s usually better to use RV brokers no fee.  They offer a few benefits over trying to list your motor home on your own:

  • RV brokers usually sell your RV or motor home more quickly, as they have contacts in place and work hard to find buyers, rather than waiting for buyers to come to you.
  • An RV broker can put the proper value on your RV right at the outset, so you don’t waste time trying to sell an overpriced RV or motor home.
  • Trying to sell your RV on your own involves paperwork and legalities that can make it difficult for private sellers, but RV brokers no fee can handle the lien transfer, mileage statements, and other paperwork for you.

Since they are so convenient for you, how do you find RV brokers that don’t charge fees or commissions to owners?  While you might search online, be sure that you understand all the fine print of any RV broker.

First, be sure they don’t work on consignment.  This is a broker that gets paid a certain percentage of the sales amount after your RV sells.  They may have a consignment lot or may say that they work for a certain percentage of the sales price, but this type of broker always involves fees.

Second, be sure that an RV broker doesn’t just advertise no upfront fees, but that they advertise no fees to their owners at all.  Some will use this terminology and then charge a fee once a deal has been brokered with an RV dealer, so you need to ensure that no fees means no fees!

It’s also good to be careful about any paperwork that is required of you and any contracts you might be asked to sign when selling your RV.  A true RV broker no fee will allow you to still advertise your RV for sale through other channels and will not ask you for an exclusive contract with them.  When there is paperwork to sign, be sure you read it through carefully so you know what’s expected of you on your end.

Remember too that charging fees is not the same as satisfying a lien you may have on your RV, as this is paid to the lien holder and not the broker.

These simple tips should help you to determine the right RV broker for when you’re ready to sell your trailer or motor home.