How to Take the Right Pictures When You’re Ready to Use an RV Broker

How to Take the Right Pictures When You’re Ready to Use an RV Broker

Consumers today buy anything and everything online, which has changed the rules of the game when it comes to selling. Retailers without a functional and easy-to-use website can find themselves losing customers, while others can quickly and easily expand their business with an online site.

For private sellers such as those who want to sell an RV or motor home, the internet is usually one of the best ways to do this. However, working with an RV broker and letting them handle ads and negotiating can save a person time and money, and make the process quicker.

The right pictures can help a broker better understand the condition of an RV and can help potential buyers become enticed to take a closer look. How you pose those photos will be very important when you’re ready to sell an RV or motor home.

Clean it Up!

Potential buyers want to think that they’re buying a brand new motor home or RV, so it’s vital that it be cleaned up entirely before you take pictures. It’s easy to think that you want your RV to look “homey” or comfortable, but in truth, you want it to look brand new.

Remove anything and everything from the unit before taking pictures, including items from the dashboard of mobile homes and bathroom or kitchen areas. Even a stray pair of sunglasses can remind potential buyers that they’re not getting a truly new unit but will be purchasing something used, so get everything out before you take pictures!

What to Snap

Shots of the interior and exterior are good so buyers can better understand the floor plan and layout, and can see the condition of the RV or motor home. It’s also good to get shots of the tires so they can see the tread, and even the engine of motor homes so potential buyers can note the wear and tear.

Some take pictures of warranties and other paperwork, but this isn’t usually needed. These things can be mentioned by an RV broker and the paperwork can be presented if necessary. Pictures of minor items like the windshield or dashboard are also typically not needed.

When you work with National RV Broker the professional handling your unit can also tell you if there are specific pictures needed in order to attract the best buyers and get the best price for your unit.

The Most Common Mistake Made When You Want to Sell a Motor Home

The Most Common Mistake Made When You Want to Sell a Motor Home

If you need to sell an RV or sell a motor home, you want to do it right the first time. Many RV owners spend weeks and even months with their unit on the market before they find a buyer, and this can result in hundreds of dollars wasted in storage fees, insurance costs, and the like. It also means not having that cash in hand as quickly as you would like!

One reason that many owners waste time when they’re ready to sell a trailer or sell a motor home is that they don’t understand how to market it effectively, right from the start. They also make some very common mistakes when they put their unit up for sale.

One of the most common mistakes that RV and motor home owners make when they’re ready to sell their unit is that they set the price too high! Many check the NADA value of their unit, which is like the Kelly Blue Book for cars, and use that price for their opening listing, or will even set a price above that, thinking a potential buyer will negotiate with a counteroffer.

Unfortunately this type of thinking usually only scares off potential buyers who may be searching for a new trailer or motor home that falls within a certain price range. Remember that when buyers search on any online site they are often given the chance to select a price range for units they want to see, and won’t consider units priced any higher than their maximum budget.

It is also currently a buyer’s market for motor homes and trailers, as there are many quality new models coming out every year, so owners of used models are eager to sell and upgrade to something more luxurious or personal. When the kids are grown or a couple retires and can’t maintain a motor home or trailer, they’re also ready to sell, and this too adds to the growing market of used RVs.

If you’re looking to sell a motor home or sell a trailer, it’s vital that you have an honest idea of the price you can expect to receive from buyers. Assuming you’ll get more than what your RV is worth or not recognizing the many units on the market can result in wasting time advertising your trailer or motor home, and also spending all that extra money maintaining a unit you no longer use.

Is the Rising Cost of Gas Forcing You to Sell an RV?

Is the Rising Cost of Gas Forcing You to Sell an RV?

Having an RV or trailer is one of the most inexpensive ways to enjoy a vacation every single year. The cost of campground rental is always much cheaper than the cost of a hotel room, and when you own a trailer or motor home you can feel more comfortable since it’s your own space. You can also pack certain items away in your unit and be ready for a vacation at a moment’s notice.

As enjoyable as they are, many owners today are feeling forced to sell a motor home or sell a trailer because of the rising cost of gas. This is especially true for larger Class A units, which are like small apartments on wheels! If you think it might be time to sell your unit because it’s simply too expensive to enjoy a road trip, consider a few tips.


First it might be good to calculate the cost of gas for any favorite road trips, factoring in the local price at the pumps, the mileage you get from your RV, and the distance you travel. Compare that to the cost of gas when you drive your car to the same destination. You then need to factor in the cost of campground rental and other expenses on your vacation versus those same costs if you don’t have an RV.


If you’re convinced that you need to sell your motor home or sell your trailer because of the cost of gas, it’s also good to think about getting a smaller or more affordable model. Instead of a Class A with all the luxuries, might you pare down to a Class B or Class C, which offers you some indoor comforts but with less size and weight when on the road?

You might also sell a Class A motor home and consider investing in a nice trailer you can tow behind you. Again, this can cost less in gas since they’re lighter in weight but they still offer a space indoors along with a kitchen and bathroom for maximum comfort.

Don’t give up on the idea of owning an RV just because gas is expensive. You may actually need to sell an RV because of the cost, but can also use the money you get from your current unit to buy another one that is better for you and your family. This will allow you to enjoy those family vacations while still saving money overall.

The 3 Must-Have Accessories Every RV Owner Needs for Their Kitchen!

The 3 Must-Have Accessories Every RV Owner Needs for Their Kitchen!

There may come a time when you’re ready to sell an RV or a trailer because it’s just too much upkeep for you and your family. The kids may be grown and the family doesn’t travel together anymore, or you may be retired and simply don’t have the energy to maintain your RV. However, for those who still love their unit but needs some ways of making it easier to use, consider 3 must-have accessories that every RV owner needs for their kitchen.

1. Cupboard bars.

These bars are spring-loaded like shower curtain rods, and go in front of your items in the cupboards. They keep everything in place while you’re traveling so you have less chance of items falling out of the shelves while on the road. Some RVs come with locks on the cabinets but not all, so these bars can be a very effective yet affordable investment for keeping the kitchen neat and for protecting your foodstuffs.

2. Refrigerator braces.

These devices work much like the cupboard bars, but are designed for the shelves in your refrigerator. They fit on either side of the items on the shelf and work to lock them in place, so they too won’t move around as you travel. You can invest in gallon-size juice or milk and keep everything secure in your fridge when you have several of these small braces on hand.

3. Collapsible countertop extensions.

If there is one thing that is often missing in any trailer or motor home, it’s counter space in the kitchen! A collapsible countertop extension can double your workspace without taking up room when not in use.

These extensions are typically sold with brackets and screws, and you would then screw one into the right spot in your RV or motor home. This might be at the side of the kitchen counter or inside a door. They’re easy to install and very durable and easy to use, so it might be good to invest in more than one if you’re a serious camper!

If you’ve decided that you need to sell an RV or sell a motor home because you don’t use it any longer, then it’s probably best that you go through with that decision, but for others, remember that there are many gadgets and products that make your trailer easier to use. Shop around for items like these to double your workspace and keep your kitchen organized so you love your RV as long as possible.

Why It’s Best to Sell a Motor Home With an RV Broker

Trying to sell an RV can often be more difficult than many people imagine. The market is often very crowded with used and new units and owners may not understand the right info to advertise in order to entice buyers. When you have a unit you want to put up for sale, consider why it’s best and typically more effective to sell a motor home with an RV broker.

Placing Ads and Reaching Customers

When you are ready to sell your motor home or RV, where do you place ads?  You might immediately assume that Craigslist or eBay are the right choices, and these can attract some buyers, but these sites are very generic and may not allow your unit to stand out. Your ad can languish for weeks without ever attracting a potential buyer.

A good RV broker knows where and how to reach actual buyers for RVs and not just tire kickers and window shoppers. They can work with dealers and those who buy units outright so you waste less time and get your unit sold quickly and easily.

Getting Your Unit Sold

If you were to place your RV up for sale on your own, do you know what information potential buyers need to see? Do you know what repairs you should do first and what upgrades may have no bearing on its overall value?

When you sell a motor home with an RV broker this expert can help you in all these things. He or she can ensure that the right information is highlighted so as to attract the most buyers. A good broker will also not waste time with information that buyers are not looking for when they’re in the market for a new RV.

To sell your unit you also need to handle the right paperwork including title transfer, satisfying a lien, mileage statements, and the like. Using an RV broker will ensure this paperwork gets done properly and protects you legally.

The best way to work with an RV broker is to use one that doesn’t charge fees or commissions to the RV owners. At National RV Brokers, the purchasing dealer pays all our fees and we work one-on-one with these dealers to get top dollar for any unit. We know what dealers and buyers are searching for and know how to reach them quickly and directly.