When Is It Time to “Sell My Motor Home”?

When Is It Time to “Sell My Motor Home”?

You may love your RV and may have very fond memories of spending time with family by the lake or on a nearby campground, but may also be wondering if it’s time to “sell my motor home”.  No one can tell you when it’s time to part with your RV or upgrade to a newer model, but there are some considerations to keep in mind.  These can tell you if it’s time to talk to an RV broker and put your motor home on the market.

The Kids Are Grown

Keeping an RV for family vacations is a great idea and can allow you to enjoy quick weekend getaways or summer vacations at a favorite campground.  However, if the kids are grown it might be time to consider calling an RV broker and putting your RV on the market.  You may find that you’re not getting as much use out of the RV as you once did now that your kids are teens or are out of the house.  As a matter of fact, this is when most families consider that it may be time to “sell my motor home”.

No Longer Able to Care for the RV

If you’re getting older or have suffered an illness, you may find that an RV, especially a larger model, is too much for you to handle.  A fifth wheel or large bus can be too much for an older couple to manage on their own or if you’ve suffered an illness, are developing arthritis or have other aches and pains, you may prefer something smaller that requires less upkeep.

This can also go hand-in-hand with the kids getting older.  When your children were at home they may have been able to help you keep up the maintenance of your motor home, but now that they’ve moved out you’ve lost that help!  If you’re no longer able to care for the RV, it’s time to call an RV broker.

It’s No Longer Being Used

Whether or not the kids are involved, you may find that you’re just not using your RV as you once did.  Maybe you don’t enjoy travel now that you’re older, or your schedule doesn’t allow it, or you prefer to use your money for other things.  Whatever, the reason, if you’re not using your RV regularly, it’s time to “sell my motor home”.  Using an experienced broker can make the process fast and easy for you.

Why It’s Best to Sell a Motor Home With an RV Broker

Why It’s Best to Sell a Motor Home With an RV Broker

Trying to sell an RV can often be more difficult than many people imagine. The market is often very crowded with used and new units and owners may not understand the right info to advertise in order to entice buyers. When you have a unit you want to put up for sale, consider why it’s best and typically more effective to sell a motor home with an RV broker.

Placing Ads and Reaching Customers

When you are ready to sell your motor home or RV, where do you place ads?  You might immediately assume that Craigslist or eBay are the right choices, and these can attract some buyers, but these sites are very generic and may not allow your unit to stand out. Your ad can languish for weeks without ever attracting a potential buyer.

A good RV broker knows where and how to reach actual buyers for RVs and not just tire kickers and window shoppers. They can work with dealers and those who buy units outright so you waste less time and get your unit sold quickly and easily.

Getting Your Unit Sold

If you were to place your RV up for sale on your own, do you know what information potential buyers need to see? Do you know what repairs you should do first and what upgrades may have no bearing on its overall value?

When you sell a motor home with an RV broker this expert can help you in all these things. He or she can ensure that the right information is highlighted so as to attract the most buyers. A good broker will also not waste time with information that buyers are not looking for when they’re in the market for a new RV.

To sell your unit you also need to handle the right paperwork including title transfer, satisfying a lien, mileage statements, and the like. Using an RV broker will ensure this paperwork gets done properly and protects you legally.

The best way to work with an RV broker is to use one that doesn’t charge fees or commissions to the RV owners. At National RV Brokers, the purchasing dealer pays all our fees and we work one-on-one with these dealers to get top dollar for any unit. We know what dealers and buyers are searching for and know how to reach them quickly and directly.

The Most Common Mistake Made When You Want to Sell a Motor Home

The Most Common Mistake Made When You Want to Sell a Motor Home

If you need to sell an RV or sell a motor home, you want to do it right the first time. Many RV owners spend weeks and even months with their unit on the market before they find a buyer, and this can result in hundreds of dollars wasted in storage fees, insurance costs, and the like. It also means not having that cash in hand as quickly as you would like!

One reason that many owners waste time when they’re ready to sell a trailer or sell a motor home is that they don’t understand how to market it effectively, right from the start. They also make some very common mistakes when they put their unit up for sale.

One of the most common mistakes that RV and motor home owners make when they’re ready to sell their unit is that they set the price too high! Many check the NADA value of their unit, which is like the Kelly Blue Book for cars, and use that price for their opening listing, or will even set a price above that, thinking a potential buyer will negotiate with a counteroffer.

Unfortunately this type of thinking usually only scares off potential buyers who may be searching for a new trailer or motor home that falls within a certain price range. Remember that when buyers search on any online site they are often given the chance to select a price range for units they want to see, and won’t consider units priced any higher than their maximum budget.

It is also currently a buyer’s market for motor homes and trailers, as there are many quality new models coming out every year, so owners of used models are eager to sell and upgrade to something more luxurious or personal. When the kids are grown or a couple retires and can’t maintain a motor home or trailer, they’re also ready to sell, and this too adds to the growing market of used RVs.

If you’re looking to sell a motor home or sell a trailer, it’s vital that you have an honest idea of the price you can expect to receive from buyers. Assuming you’ll get more than what your RV is worth or not recognizing the many units on the market can result in wasting time advertising your trailer or motor home, and also spending all that extra money maintaining a unit you no longer use.

Easy Tips When You Need to “Sell My RV”

When you’re looking online for help because it’s time to “Sell My RV”, you need to ensure you find the right RV broker who has personal relationships with dealers nationwide. He or she can get you the best price for your motor home or RV and can close the deal quickly and easily.

While the right RV broker can ensure that your motor home sells quickly and easily, you need to do your part as well! The appearance and condition of your RV and your own cooperation will be necessary to get the highest price for your RV and to get it sold quickly.

Get Your RV in Good Condition:

Your RV or motor home should be not just clean but in good condition and good repair. Taking the time to make minor repairs to hoses and other parts under the hood can get your RV sold much more quickly. Failure to make these repairs can also cost you hundreds of dollars in the amount offered for your RV.

The same is true for the body and the interior of the RV. Invest in a good power washing outside and steam clean the carpets inside. Fix any minor dents and dings. You might also consider investing in new tires, propane and water tanks, and other small parts so that you get the highest value before you go online to “Sell My RV”.

Cooperate With the Broker:

An RV broker will need to find out everything about your RV or motor home, including the mileage, damage, condition of the tires, and even the VIN. While you may be hesitant to share all this information online, remember that these facts are important for a dealer to give you a proper offer for your unit.

It’s also good to be honest, since an RV or motor home will go through a final inspection before a dealer considers an offer. Don’t tell the broker that no one has ever smoked in the RV or that you don’t have pets if these statements aren’t true, and don’t give them an inaccurate number for mileage.

The more you cooperate with your broker upfront, the faster your deal can be made with a dealer. This means money in your hand! When you’re ready to “Sell My RV” be sure you consider these simple points so you get your RV sold quickly and easily, and for top dollar.

How to Find RV Brokers No Fee

If you have an RV for sale, you can try to sell it yourself, but it’s usually better to use RV brokers no fee.  They offer a few benefits over trying to list your motor home on your own:

  • RV brokers usually sell your RV or motor home more quickly, as they have contacts in place and work hard to find buyers, rather than waiting for buyers to come to you.
  • An RV broker can put the proper value on your RV right at the outset, so you don’t waste time trying to sell an overpriced RV or motor home.
  • Trying to sell your RV on your own involves paperwork and legalities that can make it difficult for private sellers, but RV brokers no fee can handle the lien transfer, mileage statements, and other paperwork for you.

Since they are so convenient for you, how do you find RV brokers that don’t charge fees or commissions to owners?  While you might search online, be sure that you understand all the fine print of any RV broker.

First, be sure they don’t work on consignment.  This is a broker that gets paid a certain percentage of the sales amount after your RV sells.  They may have a consignment lot or may say that they work for a certain percentage of the sales price, but this type of broker always involves fees.

Second, be sure that an RV broker doesn’t just advertise no upfront fees, but that they advertise no fees to their owners at all.  Some will use this terminology and then charge a fee once a deal has been brokered with an RV dealer, so you need to ensure that no fees means no fees!

It’s also good to be careful about any paperwork that is required of you and any contracts you might be asked to sign when selling your RV.  A true RV broker no fee will allow you to still advertise your RV for sale through other channels and will not ask you for an exclusive contract with them.  When there is paperwork to sign, be sure you read it through carefully so you know what’s expected of you on your end.

Remember too that charging fees is not the same as satisfying a lien you may have on your RV, as this is paid to the lien holder and not the broker.

These simple tips should help you to determine the right RV broker for when you’re ready to sell your trailer or motor home.