3 Great Advantages to Selling a Motor Home With an RV Broker

3 Great Advantages to Selling a Motor Home With an RV Broker

If you have an RV or motor home you want to sell, why use a broker to handle the sale for you? It’s easy to think you can simply place an ad online and get your unit sold on your own but this rarely happens as quickly as people assume.  Consider why you want to sell a motor home with an RV broker when you’re ready to part with your unit.

1.  You can still sell it privately.

When you work with RV Gumbo or National RV Brokers you can still try to sell your RV privately; we don’t require you to sign any contracts or to use our services exclusively. You can still put your RV for sale online with Craigslist or eBay or any other site, or talk to local buyers in your area. Chances are you’ll get your unit sold more quickly with our services, but this allows you the best chance of getting an offer rather than using a consignment lot or any other exclusive seller.

2. Brokers know the market.

Putting ads on Craigslist and eBay can work, but these sites are so generic and generalized that they don’t typically appeal to serious RV buyers.  When you want to sell your unit quickly and easily you need to advertise in the right market and to the right buyers, and this is why it’s good to sell a motor home with an RV broker.  A good broker doesn’t waste time with generic ads and at National RV Brokers, we work directly with RV dealers who are in the market for specific RVs and motor homes.

3. The work is done for you.

While you can still try to sell your motor home or RV privately, when you use RV Gumbo or National RV Brokers the work is done for you. You can do nothing more but get your RV in its best shape and have your paperwork ready for the sale. A good broker will do all the negotiating and ensure that everything else is prepared for a quick and easy sale. This makes it easy to sell a motor home with an RV broker, so if you need to settle an estate or just need quick cash for your unit, this is the best choice.

These are just a few reasons why it’s good to work with an RV broker when you’re ready to sell your motor home.

2 Easy Tips for Choosing the Best Type of RV to Buy

2 Easy Tips for Choosing the Best Type of RV to Buy

When you’re looking for an RV to buy, you’ll notice that there are both towable models or trailers, and those that you drive on their own, or motor homes. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and taking some time to think about how you’ll use your RV and what will work for you and your family will help you decide the best option.

Tip #1: Consider how you will use your RV.

If you’re planning on taking your RV to a certain campground each year and staying there, or are the type to choose one destination every time you travel, then a towable may be a good option. You can set it up at the campground or RV park and then use your vehicle to run errands or do some sightseeing.

On the other hand, if you like to take road trips or visit different campgrounds and parks when on vacation, a motor home may be a better choice. You won’t need to hook up the motor home each and every time you want to travel and will simply drive it from one destination to the other.

Tip #2: Consider your current vehicle and driving abilities.

You may not want to purchase a trailer if you have a small vehicle that doesn’t tow well, or if you aren’t sure of your driving abilities. It can often be more difficult to drive a towable trailer around tight turns, and if you’re not sure of your abilities to hook it up to your current vehicle, a motor home may be a better choice.

If you have a car that will tow a trailer and know that you can handle a towable, a lightweight pop-up camper can offer you a number of benefits without the hassle of a large motor home. They don’t require much towing capacity and can be set up and left at a campsite so you can use your vehicle for sightseeing.

There are no right or wrong answers as to the type of RV that will work for you, so it’s good to take your time to note all their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Choose one that is comfortable for your family and that will serve your long-term vacationing needs, and you’ll find what’s best for you. Remember to talk to an RV broker when you’re ready to sell your current RV so you get the best price and complete the sale quickly and easily, so you can use that money for your new trailer or motor home!

How Campgrounds Are Changing for RV Users

How Campgrounds Are Changing for RV Users

Many RV users appreciate being able to find a campground that can accommodate their motor home or trailer, especially if it’s over-sized. Not everyone wants to vacation in a tent or small camper, but not every campground offers sites that will fit a larger Class A motor home or a towable trailer that’s larger than average.

The good news for many RV owners is that campgrounds today are making changes to accommodate more and more RV owners, so if you’re looking to sell an RV or are putting off buying the model you want because you assume it’s too large and cumbersome, you might want to reconsider. It’s good to sell an RV if it’s not something you use any longer or if it’s too much work to keep up, but if you’re looking to buy an RV and want some luxury, chances are you’ll find many campgrounds that will fit your needs.

Larger Pad Sites

One amenity that many campgrounds are offering today for RV owners is a selection of larger pad sites that will accommodate Class A motor homes and over-sized trailers. Pull-through sites are also becoming more common, so you don’t need to worry about backing your RV or trailer into a site and worrying about parking. These larger pad sites make it easier for those with converted buses and luxury trailers to still enjoy their favorite campsite without worrying about crowding their neighbors.

When calling a campground to make reservations, check on the pad site measurements and be sure you know the size of your towable trailer as well as your vehicle so you know your RV will fit comfortably.

Maintaining Your RV Onsite

Another way that campgrounds are changing for RV users is that they are offering more ways to maintain your RV while onsite. Some have installed larger wash stations so you can easily clean your RV inside and out even before you leave the site, and they may offer more areas for black water disposal or for propane refills.

Camping is a very affordable and fun way to vacation, and owning an RV allows a person to enjoy camping just about anywhere and at anytime. An RV owner can easily head off to a campsite at the last minute and spend a night or two enjoying nature, which is why RV sales are soaring in so many areas. Campgrounds are realizing the unique needs of RV owners and are responding to these needs, so don’t hesitate to consider buying a new RV or upgrading your existing unit if you’ve been considering an RV purchase.

Why a Snowbird Might Want to Sell an RV

Why a Snowbird Might Want to Sell an RV

Snowbirds are those who travel to warmer climates during the winter months, usually from November through April, and who either have a second home in Florida, California, Arizona or another sunny state, or who live in an RV for those weeks. Some snowbirds have regular campgrounds or RV parks they stay at and may store their RV year-round, while others may take the opportunity to explore new areas with their motor home or travel trailer.

If you’re a snowbird you may love your time in your RV, but there may also come a time when it’s good to consider selling an RV. What are some common reasons for a snowbird to sell an RV and how can they do this quickly and easily?

When You’ve Outgrown Your RV

When a person or couple start to snowbird, they may be happy with a small RV that offers just the basic necessities, as living in the RV for a few months is like a fun adventure. However, as you grow older or the novelty begins to wear off, you may want something that is more comfortable and that offers more amenities. Larger motor homes can give you more privacy between spaces and many models today have large-screen TVs, slideouts with full couches, and other luxuries.

It’s not difficult to upgrade to a larger or more luxurious model when you’ve outgrown your RV, and this can make your time as a snowbird much more enjoyable for everyone.

When You’ve Moved Permanently

Many who snowbird to Florida or another sunny state travel back and forth to their home state regularly, but this schedule may get very tiresome for them and they decide to move permanently to a warmer climate. Keeping your RV for a time so that you can use it for vacations is a good idea, but many couples soon find that they don’t enjoy travel as much as they thought, and the RV becomes a burden. Once you’ve moved permanently to a sunny state you may also see that you have little reason to travel extensively since everything you want for a vacation is close at hand!

Regular snowbirds have many other reasons to consider selling an RV, including the unnecessary expense and maintenance. If you find yourself in this situation, consider using an RV broker to help you get rid of your unit quickly and easily. This will get you cash for your RV quickly and easily so you can then enjoy your retirement.

Tips for Personalizing a Motor Home for Absolute Luxury

Tips for Personalizing a Motor Home for Absolute Luxury

If you’re ready to sell a motor home and upgrade to something more personal that offers more style and luxury, you may not realize all the options that are available for new RV buyers today. Motor homes are not just a place to sleep and cook when you’re camping, but today’s models offer every convenience and comfort you enjoy when at home. When you shop for a new unit, you may be reminded of the old saying, “this is not your father’s motor home”!

Luxuries Offered

What are some luxuries offered to those looking to sell a motor home and purchase something new? Today’s models offer big-screen plasma TVs with surround sound, often with built-in DVD or Blu-Ray players so you can settle in and enjoy your favorite movie while on vacation. That’s a perfect option for those rainy days! Many motor homes also offer satellite dishes so you can tune in to your favorite TV programs and never miss anything even in the most remote campground.

Along with electronics, many of today’s motor homes are offering luxury features in the bath and bedroom areas. Some might have slide-outs that accommodate a full king-size or queen-size bed with memory foam mattresses, and even have built-in dresser drawers for convenient storage. In the bath, separate showers and vanities can make you feel like you’re at home every morning and can also make storage and organization easier. Both the bathrooms and kitchens might offer marble and granite counter tops, just like a luxury apartment!

Personalizing Your New Motor Home

If you’re ready to buy a new motor home, you want to personalize your model so it suits your needs. Ask the dealer about being able to tow a vehicle in the back, if you want to park your motor home at a campground and use the vehicle to get around. In the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas, check for organizational features that help with all your accessories and personal items. Separators in the pantry, shelves in the bathroom, and drawer organizers can make that camping trip more enjoyable as you aren’t searching for the items you need every day, and can easily pack and unpack much more quickly.

Because your new motor home needs to work for you and your family for years to come, don’t hesitate to ask the dealer for a special color, or to see a model with extra storage. When you sell a motor home to upgrade to a new model, you want one that is the best for you and that you’ll be happy with for years if not decades. Personalize your choice and you’ll love using your RV each and every vacation.

2 Simple Tips for Organizing the Kitchen in Your RV or Trailer

2 Simple Tips for Organizing the Kitchen in Your RV or Trailer

If you own a motor home or a trailer, you know that it’s important to be as organized as possible! While a motor home or trailer offers you great convenience and even some luxury when you’re camping or vacationing, they don’t offer as much room as your house or apartment especially in the kitchen.

Being disorganized with any small space can mean more frustration every day as you search for needed items, and can actually make it harder to pack and unpack your motor home or trailer. You might be ready to sell a trailer or sell a motor home in order to get a bigger model, but if you don’t get yourself organized, that extra space probably won’t solve your problems. Consider 2 simple tips for organizing your kitchen in the RV or trailer.

Tip #1: Scale back.

When you’re on vacation you need to scale back on the items you bring, including items for the kitchen. Make up a menu you’ll follow for the week or two, and choose simple dishes that can be prepared with just one or two ingredients, and with ingredients you can use repeatedly. For example, rather than bacon and eggs for breakfast, have cereal with toast, and use the bread for sandwiches for lunch. Have chicken for dinner, and then use the leftover meat to make chicken salad for lunch. This will help keep you organized.

It’s also good to scale back on the variety of items you bring. Choose on type of cereal and one type of bread, rather than trying to make everyone happy with individual choices. The less you have in the kitchen, the easier it is to organize.

Tip #2: Be careful of organizing tools.

At home, your kitchen drawer may have a slotted organizer for flatware. However, this can take up the whole drawer as all the pieces are spread out in front of you! In your RV or motor home, put a rubber band around the base of all your forks and knives and other pieces. They’ll stay in place and take up less room. Rather than having a full spice rack, put the spices you need in a small travel-size container and band all these together.

Some organizing tools can help in an RV kitchen but some simply take up more space than you can afford, so use discernment before purchasing. Get creative with other ways of organizing to save space instead.

Is the Rising Cost of Gas Forcing You to Sell an RV?

Is the Rising Cost of Gas Forcing You to Sell an RV?

Having an RV or trailer is one of the most inexpensive ways to enjoy a vacation every single year. The cost of campground rental is always much cheaper than the cost of a hotel room, and when you own a trailer or motor home you can feel more comfortable since it’s your own space. You can also pack certain items away in your unit and be ready for a vacation at a moment’s notice.

As enjoyable as they are, many owners today are feeling forced to sell a motor home or sell a trailer because of the rising cost of gas. This is especially true for larger Class A units, which are like small apartments on wheels! If you think it might be time to sell your unit because it’s simply too expensive to enjoy a road trip, consider a few tips.


First it might be good to calculate the cost of gas for any favorite road trips, factoring in the local price at the pumps, the mileage you get from your RV, and the distance you travel. Compare that to the cost of gas when you drive your car to the same destination. You then need to factor in the cost of campground rental and other expenses on your vacation versus those same costs if you don’t have an RV.


If you’re convinced that you need to sell your motor home or sell your trailer because of the cost of gas, it’s also good to think about getting a smaller or more affordable model. Instead of a Class A with all the luxuries, might you pare down to a Class B or Class C, which offers you some indoor comforts but with less size and weight when on the road?

You might also sell a Class A motor home and consider investing in a nice trailer you can tow behind you. Again, this can cost less in gas since they’re lighter in weight but they still offer a space indoors along with a kitchen and bathroom for maximum comfort.

Don’t give up on the idea of owning an RV just because gas is expensive. You may actually need to sell an RV because of the cost, but can also use the money you get from your current unit to buy another one that is better for you and your family. This will allow you to enjoy those family vacations while still saving money overall.

The 3 Must-Have Accessories Every RV Owner Needs for Their Kitchen!

The 3 Must-Have Accessories Every RV Owner Needs for Their Kitchen!

There may come a time when you’re ready to sell an RV or a trailer because it’s just too much upkeep for you and your family. The kids may be grown and the family doesn’t travel together anymore, or you may be retired and simply don’t have the energy to maintain your RV. However, for those who still love their unit but needs some ways of making it easier to use, consider 3 must-have accessories that every RV owner needs for their kitchen.

1. Cupboard bars.

These bars are spring-loaded like shower curtain rods, and go in front of your items in the cupboards. They keep everything in place while you’re traveling so you have less chance of items falling out of the shelves while on the road. Some RVs come with locks on the cabinets but not all, so these bars can be a very effective yet affordable investment for keeping the kitchen neat and for protecting your foodstuffs.

2. Refrigerator braces.

These devices work much like the cupboard bars, but are designed for the shelves in your refrigerator. They fit on either side of the items on the shelf and work to lock them in place, so they too won’t move around as you travel. You can invest in gallon-size juice or milk and keep everything secure in your fridge when you have several of these small braces on hand.

3. Collapsible countertop extensions.

If there is one thing that is often missing in any trailer or motor home, it’s counter space in the kitchen! A collapsible countertop extension can double your workspace without taking up room when not in use.

These extensions are typically sold with brackets and screws, and you would then screw one into the right spot in your RV or motor home. This might be at the side of the kitchen counter or inside a door. They’re easy to install and very durable and easy to use, so it might be good to invest in more than one if you’re a serious camper!

If you’ve decided that you need to sell an RV or sell a motor home because you don’t use it any longer, then it’s probably best that you go through with that decision, but for others, remember that there are many gadgets and products that make your trailer easier to use. Shop around for items like these to double your workspace and keep your kitchen organized so you love your RV as long as possible.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to “Sell My Motor Home”

The Fastest and Easiest Way to “Sell My Motor Home”

Are you thinking that it’s time to “sell my motor home” and perhaps upgrade to something larger and more luxurious, or pare down and purchase something smaller and more lightweight? Are you done with the motor home experience altogether, or want to sell a travel trailer because you simply don’t travel as much as you once did?

No matter your reasons, many motor home owners find it’s more difficult to sell their unit and get a fair price than they imagined. It is currently a buyer’s market for motor homes and travel trailers, as new models arrive every single year with more luxuries and options, and other used trailers and motor homes are always being sold by those in the same situation as you!

Hidden Challenges When You Want to “Sell My Motor Home”

Not only is it a buyer’s market for those who want to sell a motor home or sell a travel trailer, but often they don’t know where and how to advertise their unit correctly and don’t know a fair price to ask. Many sellers overprice their unit or assume that certain upgrades add more to the value of the unit than they actually do.

This can cause a motor home or travel trailer to languish on the market for weeks if not months, and the owner pays storage fees and insurance costs in the meantime. They are also missing out on having the cash from a sold unit in their hands!

Using an RV Broker No Fee

The fastest and easiest way to “sell my motor home” is to use an RV broker no fee. A broker typically has contacts with dealers in many areas who are willing to bid on your used motor home or travel trailer and offer you the best price available.

A good RV broker no fee will also be able to handle all the paperwork and arrange for final inspection and for picking up your unit. This will ensure that your sale is handled effectively and legally, and also makes it easier on you since you don’t need to arrange delivery.

Because an RV broker has contacts in the industry, your unit can often be sold within a matter of weeks if not days. They also do all the negotiating for you, and you avoid the hassle of “tire kickers” and others who are not serious about buying your unit. When you’re ready to “sell my motor home,” check out an RV broker no fee for the fastest and easiest way to move your unit.

3 Important Maintenance Tips So You Can Easily Sell an RV

3 Important Maintenance Tips So You Can Easily Sell an RV

When you purchase an RV or travel trailer, you may intend to use it for years to come. A well-maintained unit can serve you and your family for years, if not decades, but most people decide to sell an RV after the kids are grown or they decide that they’re tired of traveling in an RV every vacation. Because it’s always a buyer’s market for motors homes and trailers, it’s vital to remember the most important tips for keeping your unit clean and ready for resale. Consider the following.

1. Don’t smoke in your trailer or motor home.

This can be difficult for smokers as they often see their motor home or travel trailer as a second house, but cigarette smoke is very difficult to get out of carpet, walls, and floors. It’s also very noticeable to nonsmokers, something that many smokers forget. Any nonsmoker interested in your unit that notices even a hint of cigarette smoke may move on to the next unit for sale, so make it a habit to smoke outside your RV.

2. Be mindful of your pets.

Pet hair in the furniture or bedding of an RV can also ruin a sale, so as with your home, be mindful of your pets. Get a good pet bed and don’t allow them on any of the couches or chairs in your motor home or trailer, and invest in a good detailing before you put your unit on the market. Buyers with allergies are going to be especially sensitive to any pet hair or dander, so don’t dismiss the importance of this tip.

3. Make repairs as needed.

As with your car, the longer you ignore needed repairs to your motor home or travel trailer, the worse they will become. Rust can set in when you get a small dent or ding, or mechanical failures can lead to damage in other areas under the hood of motor homes.

It’s also good to remember that when you want to sell an RV, a buyer will want a unit that is ready to use and will not typically make an offer for a unit that needs any type of repair work done. Ignoring even minor issues and assuming you can just reduce the price is shortsighted and will typically result in far fewer offers; the amount you would need to reduce the price is also much higher than the cost of the repair itself.

These tips may seem very simple but they make a tremendous difference for those looking to sell an RV. Keep them in mind over the life of your RV so you have it ready for resale at any time.